By the BBQ...

It was February 14, 2011, the day of love, Valentine’s and all that Hallmark gushy stuff. I knew the day was not going to be anything like that since Jordan is not a fan of mainstream holidays, where you are pressured to buy and do certain things. I was okay with this because after 3 years and 4 Valentine’s days (who's counting right?), this day was like any other day. Work went along as usual. I had asked Jordan earlier that day if we could go to dinner, he said "of course, make a reservation to I Trulli (this was where we had our first date)." I did just that.

During the day, I re-learned how to make a paper airplane at work and decided that this was the perfect card. I took a sheet out of our laser printer, jotted down a few lines about love and threw it straight at him upon his arrival home from work. His response "How nice! Your card is lovely. I am such a bad boyfriend and didn't even get you a card." I thought, it's just a card. We are going to a lovely dinner, who cares right?!

We walked to dinner and had the most lovely conversation, ordered our entrees and I knew that everything was right in our world. What I didn't know was...why was Jordan not really eating his favorite lasagna? I would soon find out.

I was rushed through my last bite of pasta because Jordan insisted that we MUST leave. On our walk home with leftovers, we passed through the alleyways and reached our house. Jordan oddly set down the left-overs and I simply reached to grab them off the BBQ, turned around, and our lives changed forever. Here is Jordan, down on one knee, asking me to be his wife and his bride. WELL...I forgot to say yes, instead I responded "by the BBQ?", while tears ran down my face. Obviously, I eventually said YES!!!

Jordan not only proposed on the day I least expected, but he presented me with a gorgeous ring that not only fit my style but was also a ring I found back in December with my mom.

We are so proud and happy to start this journey together. Thank you to everyone that has been by our side to love, live, and most importantly laugh and grow together. We can't wait to say, "I do!"